Comp Info, Directions, and Rules

    Get psyched for 6 Zones of climbing!

    93 Boulder problems from V0 up to V10+!!!

    Top 3 climbers in all 6 categories will win prizes and gear! Top climbers in Women and Men in Advanced categories will go home with a CASH PRIZE. Check out all the awesome companies supporting local outdoor climbing and generously sponsoring this fundraiser on our Sponsor page. 



      • Beginner (V0-V2)

      • Intermediate (V3-V5)

      • Advanced (V6+)


      • Beginner (V0-V2)

      • Intermediate (V3-V5)

      • Advanced (V6+)


    --Saturday, Nov. 10th--

    6:15 - Check-in OPEN

    7:00 - Open remarks and kick-off

    7:15 - Climbing starts (competitors can start anytime between 7:15 and 10:00)

    10:00 - Check-in closes.

    1:00 - "Jar" Raffle begins, "vendor village" begins

    2:00 Scorekeeper begins scoresheet collection

    3:00 - Scoresheets DUE to Scorekeeper

    3:30 - Raffle Ends, Raffles pulled

    4:00 - Award Ceremony

    4:30 - Sunset Closing remarks, invite to post-party

    4:56 - Last light, park closed


    Haven't been to Lynn Woods before? Directions and parking are really simple!

    Set your GPS for the Great Woods Rd Playground (the location here, NOT the lot on Pennybrook Rd). There's a big sign at the entrance that says Lynn Woods Reservation

    The parking lot is large, with more space in the golf course lot. You'll see signs and a bunch of psyched climbers at the Base Camp there to greet you bright and early! 

    Registration opens at 6:15am for you early birds, comp and climbing officially starts at 7am. Don't sleep in too late, registration closes at 10am!

    Rules for Lynn Woods Boulder Bash:

      Points will be summed from each participants top six (6) hardest problems to serve as the total score.
        • To get points, a competitor must “send” one or multiple boulder problems listed on the Score Sheet and in the Bash Guide.

        • If a climber has less than six (6) sends, their score will be based on the number of sends they completed

        • Points will not be awarded for repeat sends. (ie. only the first one counts.)

        • Points will only be awarded for sending a problem.

        • In the event of a tie, the 7th hardest climb will be the tiebreaker, if those are the same, the 8th hardest, and so on.

        • In the event of a flatout tie the Lynn Woods Boulder Bash Committee will determine the winner with a pull-up contest

      Sending a Climb - The problems in the comp are either Sit-Starts, or Stand-Starts.
      • A send will only be counted if:
      1. It is done with both a spotter and a crash pad in the climber’s fall zone
      2. It is witnessed by 1 other competitor or Zone volunteer.
      • Sit-starts begin from a sitting position on either the ground or a maximum of one (1) pad. You’re feet must not touch the ground.
      • Stand-starts begin from a standing position on either the ground or a maximum of one (1) pad. Top-out the climb without touching the ground or any other obstacles as directed in the guidebook (other boulders, crash pads, trees, spotters, etc.). Topping out means climbing to the top of the boulder.
      • If a climb is an eliminate, traverse, forced variation, etc. it will be clearly indicated in the Bash Guide.
      • Any confirmed reports of fraudulent scoring will result in disqualification and refund of admission for the competition.

            Other Rules for Competitors, Visitors, Spectators, and Volunteers:

            • Adhere to Leave-No-Trace ethics while in the park.
            • Lynn Woods is a municipal park. Be respectful of the park environment and all persons using the park for recreation not related to the Lynn Woods Boulder Bash.
            • Follow all posted park rules.
            • No distracting competitors before or during a send attempt.
            • Support other competitors through spotting, encouragement, and positive attitudes.
            • Remain on trails and footpaths when traveling between boulders.
            • Do not disturb ilve vegetation.
            • Do not use wire brushes. All of the boulder problems in the competition are well established. The holds can be dusted with a hair or nylon brush without damaging the rock.
            • Clean off tick-marks and excess chalk before leaving the boulder.

            REMEMBER this is a fundraiser and the goal for competitors is to have FUN! Let's all be considerate, good sports, help each other out, and have a great time :)

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